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[from trailer]. Johnny: [talking to his father through an inmate phone service] Dad, I just don't want to end up being in your gang. I want to be a singer. Big Daddy.
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Disney Dad Singing Opera for His Daughter Should Be a New Amusement Park Attraction

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Daddy Sing to Me

Manage Push Notifications If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. Buster Moon has a genius idea! Everyone at the theatre can sing, so naturally they should all also be able to dance, right? As classes get underway it's clear that Johnny will need more help from Gunter than the others. The extra time spent helps draw them closer, but with Johnny's troubled home life and Gunter having his own issues, are they really the right ones to help each other?

The crew is back at the New Moon theater but what will happen when new staff arrive from a distant place to shake things up? Could the past catch up with Johnny and hell break loose?

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Description will update later as I get a better idea of the story down. Looking for artists! Johnny's reconciliation with his dad doesn't happen and he continues to believe he's a huge disappointment to his family. Johnny's performance caught the eye of a producer who loved the emotion he heard, and they offer him a record deal. When Johnny makes it big, he plans to break out his dad and uncles, and his new manager tells him he can Johnny's built an image.

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A hard working gorilla who made it on his own two feet despite fighting against near homelessness, poverty, and being forced into the gang life. People wanted that underdog who triumphed story, his manager told him. But he can't be seen with criminals. He could bail out his family and send them money for all he cared, but Johnny could not make contact. The gorilla gang is freed, they're psyched to see Johnny in real life after only seeing him become a star on TV Johnny is now officially moved in with Rosita. Well so long as the CPS home visit goes well, but Rosita's a great mom so there's no way they'd say no.

Now all Johnny has to worry about is plucking up the courage to ask Ash out on a date.

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There's also that talk his Dad has to give him. Of course things get more complicated when Lance tries to win Ash back.

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  6. Because if he can't have her love, then no one will. Also appearances from Ash's parents, cause I think I've only read one fic where they actually make an appearance and aren't either dead or away on business.

    This is my first story here on this website so please be kind! Johnny has always had three dads and he has had a good life with them, but when a mistake on Barry's part threatens to break up the family Johnny must become a matchmaker to save them all! More couples will come later!